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Did you know

... that the real Jules & Morris are actualy two Sphynx cats?

They are brothers and the coolest cats I've ever met!

To me they represent exactly what I want to create in my neckties: uniqueness, quirkiness and beauty in it's own special way.

The choice of using their name for the brand was an obvious decision.

Meet the real Jules & Morris ❤️❤️_They a

Picture credits: Natalie Van den Broeck


... that there is just one pair of hands behind

Jules & Morris?

Each and every tie is made by me from A to Z.

Also the website, social media, communication and shipments are done by myself.

That's exactly why each order becomes very personal and will be handled with the most love and care, always starting with a little dance of joy.


... that the Jamie necktie was the the first tie in our collection and is named after Jamie Cullum.

After sending him this necktie as a tribute Jamie appeared in 'his' tie in the video 'Merry Xmas Everybody' with Robbie Williams.

The dance of joy lasted for a week.

JC wist je dat.jpg

Picture credits: Social media Robbie Williams

Did you know that silkworms are boiled a

Picture credits: Abdullaheker

... that silkworms are boiled alive inside their cocoon so that the silk can be wind off from it?

More than 6000 silkworms have to be killed to get 1 kilo of silk! That makes 150 worms for 1 tie.

Jules & Morris (and me) are animal lovers, that's why you will never find a silk tie in our collection.

We hope you can appreciate this.




... that I made the ties for the jailers in the tv series Gent West.

This was at the same time the extra push to start Jules & Morris as a brand.

Vanaf vanavond zijn onze dassen te zien

... that there's a loop at the end of the back stitching, leaving an additional reserve so the tie can stretch without ripping the thread.


We add a gemstone to this loop. This one is Jade, it creates harmony and balance and attracts happiness and prosperity. It stimulates creativity and promotes love, care and tolerance.

It's the perfect stone to have near you. And hey... if you're a non believer, it's just a nice detail.

... that we work exclusively with the best and finest fabrics on the market?

We found our match at Scabal.

With their HQ in Brussels and flagship stores in Savile Row, London and elsewhere, Scabal is known and honoured worldwide for their high quality fabrics. They are the leaders in innovation and refined weaving.

The quality of the fabrics translates itself into our neckties.

A quality tie starts with quality fabric

... that the width of the ties are named after my father and two grandfathers?

Gustaaf - 5cm

August - 6.5cm

Armand - 8cm

Every tie is available in these 3 sizes.

The standard length is 148cm, this can be made shorter or longer, depending on your height.



... that our ties are named after jazz musicians?

Jazz to me is the most honest and pure form of music. It helps me to relax.


The crackling sound of vinyl is therefore often found in my studio while I'm working.

This combined with the warm smell of coffee makes it complete.

Jazz is another thing we carry in our he
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